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Mark & Tara Polson

Mark and Tara Polson got married on horseback in 2014. Since then they have continued to fulfill their hopes and dreams as together they go through this thing called life. They own a horse ranch near Hudson, Colorado, where they currently own seven athletic horses and three incredible heelers.  This ranch is where Tara can continue her lifelong dream of training horses.  


Tara works for Bright Horizons, is the Vice President of the Miss Rodeo Colorado Executive Committee, and is an advisor of the Pikes Peak Rangerettes.  Tara is also on the Rockin’ GS Performance Team for the Greeley Stampede.  Mark is an owner of Computer Sites Incorporated, and he continually works to improve their ranch and home.    Tara plays polo and Mark plays baseball, and they enjoy supporting each other in everything they do.  Mark and Tara have four kids and five grandbabies.  They love to spend time with family and friends!

In 2018 they had a vision to create a prestigious riding group to present the colors and run sponsor flags for events at the Denver Polo Club.  Within 10 days they created this nonprofit group, ordered flags, made flag poles, and had our first performance at Polo Fest!  There were only two riders at that point; since 2018 we have grown the group to ten riders!  


Colorado Stars & Stripes, Co. wouldn’t be successful without Denver Polo Club, our sponsors, our ground crew, our helpers and our families!  #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

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