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Jenn bonicelli

Jenn Bonicelli, a fourth-generation Colorado native, was born and raised in Denver.  She ventured to Santa Clara University to earn a bachelor of arts in Spanish and a bachelor of science in political science.  She later returned to Colorado to complete her master's degree in curriculum and instruction at the University of Denver.  Following graduation, Jenn spent 15 years as an educational professional in Denver Public Schools, passionately supporting students with learning differences.  Jenn and her husband live in Denver with their twin boys.

From childhood, Jenn was intertwined with the equestrian world, a bond kindled alongside her beloved grandfather.  Though her high school and college years diversified her interests into competitive skiing and lacrosse, her heart never strayed from the equine world.


The unprecedented times of COVID presented a unique opportunity, and Jenn seized it by fulfilling a lifelong dream - welcoming Panadero (Dero), her very own horse, into her life. After several years of dedication and partnership with Dero, Jenn is honored to ride with the Colorado Stars and Stripes team.

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